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# hash/pound symbol.            

#!/bin/sh Line used in a script to execute with the Bourne shell, or a compatible shell, with path /bin/sh.   Wikipedia         

$ (dollar sign) Regular expression that matches the end of a line. Example: foobar$ will find a line ending in the word foobar.   Wikipedia         

$host.PrivateData.ErrorBackgroundColor Error background color in PowerShell.            


* (asterisk) * Regular expression used to match zero or more characters.   Wikipedia         

.asp ASP file.   Wikipedia  W3Schools       

.CER Containing only the certificate.            

.DS_Store A hidden file created by Finder in OS X.   Wikipedia         

.gov A generic top level domain for a nonprofit organization.            

.html A Hypertext Markup Language file. Typically used for webpages.            

.ini    Wikipedia         

.json A JSON file.   Wikipedia         

.mp3 File extension for an MP3 file. The name .mp3 was chosen by the Fraunhofer team on July 14, 1995.  Wikipedia         

.net Generic top level domain.   Wikipedia         

.NET Framework Software framework developed by Microsoft. Initially released February 13, 2002.  Wikipedia  Microsoft       

.org Generic top level domain.   Wikipedia         

.PFX Containing certificate and private key.            

.php A PHP file.            

.txt a text file.            





.xsd      Fileinfo       

/? displays help            

/var/log Typical location for log files in Linux.            

1000BASE-LX    Website  Wikipedia       

1000BASE-SX    Website  Wikipedia       

1000BASE-ZX SMF with a distance limitation of 70km.            

1000BASE‑T (aka: IEEE 802.3ab) Twisted-pair cabling (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7) up to 100 meters.   Wikipedia         

100GBASE-ER4 supports 100Gbps on SMF media up to a distance of 40km.            

10BASE2 (aka: cheapernet, thin Ethernet, thinnet, and thinwire) Variant of Ethernet that uses thin coaxial cable terminated with BNC connectors and T connectors. Deprecated by IEEE 802.3 as of 2011.  Wikipedia         

10BASE5 (aka: thick Ethernet or thicknet) first commercially available variant of Ethernet. Used RG-8 coaxial cable and vampire tap network connectors. IEEE 802.3 has deprecated this standard for new installations as of 2003.  Wikipedia         

10GBASE-ER (extended reach) Has a reach of 40 kilometres (25 mi) over engineered links and 30 km over standard links.   Wikipedia         

10GBASE-LR (long range) SMF media type. Maximum distance limitation of 10km.   Wikipedia         

10GBASE-SR (aka: 10GBASE Short Range) Port type for multi-mode fiber and uses 850 nm lasers. Supports 10Gbps up to 300 meters. 10GBASE-SW used for WANs.   Wikipedia         

2.4 GHz (UHF) 802.11b/g/n/ad (Wi-Fi)            

2001: IPv6 global unicast address.            

2001::/32 Teredo tunneling address.   Wikipedia  IANA       

2002::/16 6to4 address.   Wikipedia  EIGRP multicast address     RIPv2 broadcast address            

32-Bit (x86-32 or x86) Supports up to 4 GB of memory.   Wikipedia         

3COM  Founded in 1979.  Wikipedia         

3D XPoint  Announced by Intel and Micron in July 2015. First released in the Intel DC P4800X March 19, 2017  Wikipedia         

3DES-Encrypt-Decrypt-Encrypt (3DES-EDE) The way 3DES encrypts plaintext.            

401 error Unauthorized   Wikipedia  RFC 7235       

403 error Forbidden   Wikipedia         

404 error Not Found   Wikipedia         

5 GHz (SHF) 802.11a/n/ac/ad            

5G 5th generation cellular network. Expected to become a standard in the early 2020s  Wikipedia         

60 GHz (EHF) 802.11ad            

64-bit (x86-64 or x64) Current versions of Windows 10 support up to 2 TB of memory.   Wikipedia  MSDN       

7-Zip File archiver. First released July 18, 1999.  Website  Wikipedia       

802.1D (STP)   Wikipedia         

802.1w RSTP            

802.1X (aka: EAP over IEEE 802, EAP over LAN) IEEE Standard for Port-based Network Access Control (PNAC). It is part of the IEEE 802.1 group of networking protocols. It provides an authentication mechanism to devices wishing to attach to a LAN or WLAN.   Wikipedia         

8080 An alternate to HTML's port 80.            

8777 ASUS Screen Saver password.   Tom's Hardware         

: (colon)            

::/0 IPv6 local default route            

::/128 (::) Unspecified IPv6 address.            

::1/128 (::1) IPv6 loopback address.            

; (semicolon) Used to terminate.            

== Check for primitive equality.   Wikipedia  Stack Overflow       

[] an empty array.            

\%23 regular expression hex equivalent of hash character.            

\%27 Hex equivalent of single-quote character.            

\%3B regular expression hex equivalent of ; (semicolon) character            

\%3D regular expression hex equivalent of = (equal) character.            

\%4F regular expression hex equivalent of "O" character.            

\%52 regular expression hex equivalent of "R" character.   Website  Wikipedia       

\%6F regular expression hex equivalent of "o" character.            

\%72 regular expression hex equivalent of "r" character.   Website  Wikipedia       

\' Single-quote character.            

\-\- regular expresion double-dash.            

| regular expression 'or'.